Raider of the Pop Charts

Raiding the pop charts of the past for the best
Chart Toppers, One Hit Wonders and Classic Hits 
of the 80's & 90's 

In 1989 I played music to a crowd for the first time and I loved it.
 I then spent a few years learning the art of Djing before I was told by my peers that I was good enough to play to a paying audience.
And I have been playing to audiences ever since.
Which gives me the knowledge to help take you on a massive trip down memory lane. 
80's, 90's, Earlier 00's - Pop, Dance, RnB, Alternative - even a night with a vintage twist
I've got an event for just about everyone.
Chart Toppers, One Hit Wonders, Dance Crazes, Sing-A-Long Songs and So Much Cheese.
So find an event that suits you and make plans to come along.
Just follow the links.