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Chart Toppers, One Hit Wonders and Classic Hits 
of the 80's & 90's 

Vintage Style Music with Modern Song Lyrics
Modern Style Music with Vintage Song Samples

Back in 1996 an Aussie gent calling himself Frank Bennett had a No.2 hit with a cover version of the Radiohead song Creep sung like he was Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin.
Today you might have heard the Post Modern Jukebox.
There have been plenty of artists doing this style for the last 20+ years,
including a few that have a taken a more comic approach …
ever heard of Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine.

It also went the other way with 90's dance music and hip hop producers using samples from the 20's to the 50's.
Today we have Electro Swing … modern beats with vintage samples.

And that's what 78 RPM is …
a night of mainly modern songs sung to vintage music with a bit of up tempo modern beats with vintage samples thrown in to give the night a twist.
So get out your fake glad rags and start sipping the giggle water for a night out you won't forget.